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The Kubernetes community build an effective communication, CFP for KubeCon US is open, implement Zero trust and finally get a documentation to undocumented myths of the kubelet

4 months ago

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CNCF & Community

The communication team of Kubernetes gives insights into how their work with all contributors builds a better communication process.

Also, the same team is looking for helping hands for their marketing and communications group to support Kubernetes and their contributors to spread their cloud native words

CFP opens for KubeCon US, do you have unique experience or insights from one of your cloud native projects? Are you working on or contributing to an open source project? Then KubeCon/CloudNativeCon is the right place for you.

Due to the current situation around the planet the Kubernetes Release Team and SIG Leads extended the Kubernetes v1.19 release by 7 weeks, so we can expect the next release a week after KubeCon US.

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We think this book is a must read, as it is a great reference for everything thats coming after the bare Kubernetes Deployment.

Cloud Native DevOps with Kubernetes
Kubernetes is the operating system of the cloud native world, providing a reliable and scalable platform for running containerized workloads. In this friendly, pragmatic book, cloud experts John Arundel and … - Selection from Cloud Native DevOps with Kubernetes [Book]

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Published 4 months ago